Downloading logs onto PC

I just received my first RS3 and cannot figure out how to directly download log files to my laptop for PPK processing. I can connect via phone and download them within the app, then email them to myself, but this wont work in the remote field. I can select the RS3 wifi signal from my PC, but from there I don’t see what to do, I saw no options in the PC app and the RS3 does not show up under my network gadgets in Windows. I found nothing about this in the Help files and there was a previous post from 4 years ago with a similar problem but I didnt understand the solution.

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Connect your PC to the RS3 Wi-Fi hotspot

  • You may have to boot the RS3 with your other hotspots turned off or it will leap on to them instead of firing up it’s own.
  • The default hotspot key/password is: emlidreach

Access the RS3 via it’s web interface with your browser:

That will take you to what’s known as the Reach Panel & you can download the logs from there.

Details here: How to access Reach Panel from a web browser | RTK Modules

Alternatively, just download the logs into your mobile and then access them from the phone via USB.


Hi @drmatt,

I agree with @Wombo’s suggestion. You can access Reach Panel by typing Reach’s IP address in your laptop browser’s address bar to download the logs.

We also received your email with the same question, and I replied there, too. I’ve included instructions on how to access the Reach Panel in the reply. Please have a look at your email when you have the chance. Thanks!