Downloading Logs and connect RS and RS+ to my PC

I’m stuck at the moment. I have a RS (as my rover) and a RS+ (as my base) I want to do PPK work and need the logs from both but cant connect either of the to my Laptop or PC. I have the Reach firmware flash downloaded but even when I start that I just say searching for reach RS. Does anyone know what else I need, where I can get it and how I download the logs? Thank you

Was does the LED’s in the front say?

3 solid LEDs

So when you try to connect from the laptop or PC (or phone?) to the Reach RS hotspot, what happens?

Nothing happen. I think i’m missing a step but i’m not sure what the steps are. Cant get in touch with support (apparently there on holiday). I need to download the logs but don’t know how.

Are you prompted for a wifi password and so on? Can you see the hotspot at all?

yeah I can see the hotspot on the list. Sorry if I seem a bit think but I ve tried all I can think of. Wot else do I need to down load on to my laptop/Pc to find and download the logs

Do you have a mac available?

No sorry just a windows pc and laptop

Have you been able to access the RS units before?

I have used them for plotting GCP’s and I have exported the CSV file but I have never accessed them via my PC/ Laptop.

So you have been able to connect from your phone? Are you able to do so now ?

not at the moment as my phone is a hot spot for my Laptop just now. Do I need use the IP addeess from the reach view app to view on my laptop

Christian thank you for your help I have sorted it. I forgot to add the laptop to the network with the Emlid and turn of my other network. Its working know. Thank you.

Ah, well, at least it was something simple and simple to solve. Glad you got it working!