Downloading base RINEX using LTE modem

Is it possible to download the logged base data through LTE modem?
The receiver is mounted on the roof (9th floor), or office is on the first floor.
No WiFi is available on the roof.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Peter,

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If the SIM card has a static IP address, it should be possible to access Reach via this address when connected to the internet. You can check the ability to provide a static IP address to the SIM from your network carrier.

Dear Kirill,

Thanks for your fast response.
Just for clarification, if the SIM has static IP, and the GNSS receiver is configured to be connected to the internet, can we directly reach the device from a single computer’s browser just typing the IP?

Thanks for answers in advance.

Hi Peter,

Yes, this is exactly how it should work.

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