Downloading all the RAW data at once (backup)

Hello y’all.
I’m reseting my RS+ to factory settings and would like to make a full backup of all the RAW data from my base. It seems that the RAW data stays in the equipment even after the factory reset, but you know, just in case…
Is it possible to download ALL the RAW data at once? I know that you can do it individually, I just wanna save some precious minutes.

Hi @rsurveyor1,

You can download raw data logs from the receiver only separately. All logs are stored in the Reach RS+ memory, so they will be lost after reflashing. If you want to save all the logs, it’d be better to export them before resetting.

Hi Elena! Thanks for the answer. Maybe on the next update you guys could put this option?


I’d like to clarify a bit to avoid confusion. If you want to reset all receiver settings via the Reset settings to default button, device name, logs, and wireless settings should be preserved. If you reflash the device with the Reach Firmware Flash Tool, the data will be lost.

About your request, I think it’s a useful suggestion. So, I’ll talk to the team about it :slight_smile:

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