Downloaded project file download missing some points - solved - was a laptop browser issue

This is more a file note for future users, rather than a question for now…

I had a call from one of my customers today who reported that he was missing some points from his downloaded project file.

SPOILER ALERT: The issue was with Microsoft Edge and switching to Google Chrome solved the issue. It had nothing to do with ReachView.

His issue was that after an initial day mapping and downloading GCP’s, he went back out and added another 30-odd points. When he again downloaded the project file, the second day’s data was missing from the file. He could see it in ReachView on the browser, just not in the downloaded data.

He’d tried many different interventions - restarting laptop (Dell G515 running Windows10), restarting app, restarting Reach RS+ and nothing helped.

So I recommended to check browser type and to switch to FF or Chrome if using something else. Indeed he was using Edge and after switching to Chrome, it solved his issue.

Cheers, Al
Mangoesmapping Pty Ltd, Australia.

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