Download Rinex RS22+ and RS3

Hi, I’m not sure if this has been covered. I’m having trouble downloading Rinex data from my RS2+. I’m connected by Wifi to the antenna to download them via the application and then it suggests several ways: mail, Bluetooth, nfc, Google drive… But as I’m connected by wifi to the antenna, I can’t access the Internet. For small files, bluetooth goes through without a hitch, but for large files, it takes too long… Is there any way of accessing the RS’s intern memory? I tried connecting it via USB, but it charges instead of transferring data. If you have a tip, I’m interested.

Thanks a lot!

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You could pull the logs directly to your computer like this,


Hi @cartier,

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To download these files, you can use the Reach Panel. You can see it also in the video @jdouglas mentioned.

For that, make sure that your PC is connected to the receiver’s hotspot. Then, you can access the Reach Panel by typing in any browser.

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Thanks guys, it works perfectly !

Glad to hear that it’s working fine!