Download raw data from emlid reach

I’m a topographer.

I do not use my emlid reach for DRONE or VANT.

use for topography, measurements of land rural properties.

I have not yet used it as rtk because I’m waiting for the radio I bought.

so I need to use it in PPK mode.

I need help downloading the raw data from the receiver.

has no video or tutorial on the company website and youtube.

I need to be able to make corrections.

I need to download it in rinex format.


Please take a look at this docs entry:

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You probably already figured it out from the docs, but I’ll explain a little bit more:

In the ‘Logging’ tab of ReachView, you just click the blue download icon beside the raw data file you want.

When you download your raw data, it will come in a “zip” file and the RINEX files will be included.

this is that he gets hours and hours to download a file of 1 point of 3 minutes.

I think there must be something wrong, either with the receiver or in the survey form.

can be lift mode setting.

Another thing my radio arrived, but I do not know the dragonlink v2 r3 is used to make the corrections, can someone confirm me if it does, and how do?

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