Download base logs files

I am trying to download Reach RS2 base log files which is located 20km away. Base has got Internet connection and I have also got Internet where I am. I was wondering how can I download base log file with the help of internet without physical reaching to base. I am sure this can be done without any extra server setup. I know base logs can be downloaded via hot-spot where we are close to base. I am wondering if anyone has done this??

The only way you can remotely get a base log file is to send the base corrections to an NTRIP server and having your rover work in rtk mode receiving the corrections your base is sending to the server while logging the base correction in the format you want (rtcm or rinex)

Hi @ecosuman

The logs saved in the internal unit’s memory can be extracted using a ReachView app. ReachView can be launched if your device (mobile phone, tablet, or PC) is connected:

  • to the Reach RS2 hotspot

  • to the same Wi-Fi network as Reach RS2 is already connected

So, I’m afraid it is not possible to obtain base logs remotely.

Thanks for response.

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