Doubts about Navio+ with Reach


I have some doubts regarding the integration of Navio+ with Reach:

(1) If both Navio+ and Reach are placed quite close (in a drone for instance), could the antenna ground plane affect the compass accuracy? How could we avoid this?

(2) Is it necessary to use the new image for Navio+ (on Raspberry PI 2)? As other people in the Forum, I had troubles with WiFi and I cannot install the RTL 8812 drivers, so I would prefer to work with the old image if possible.
– edit: I could finally use WiFi with the new image.

(3) In the package ‘’, is the integration with Reach included? If not, which of the versions in would you recommend? (I would prefer just APM3.3.3 with Reach support, since it may be risky to use the latest version…)

Thank you for all your help!


The compass should not be affected by this. Antenna with the ground plane should be placed above everything to minimize the interferences.

Integration with Reach is not yet included to the deb packages for Navio+ . Will be fixed soon. Unfortunately, at this time, building or downloading newer version from is the only option.