Doubts about external compass

Hi all!

I am trying to find an external compass for Navio+. I read in the forum that those based on HMC5883L chip (with 5V input voltage) should work. However, in docs it says for Navio that “UART, SPI, I2C signal pins – 3.3V (CAUTION! connecting 5V logic device to these pins may damage your Raspberry Pi!)”. Is it the same for Navio+? Or are there boards with 5V input voltage but 3.3V signal pins? If so, does someone have a link to one? (I cannot find them)

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, it is ok to use a 5V compass. It simply means that it is powered from 5V, logic levels are still 3.3V.

This post in ArduCopter made me think that logic levels were 5V but it seems it depends on the board.

Thank you for you quick reply!

i believe hmc5983 should be the newer version ( i didn’t notice any changes but maybe in some circumstances it behaves better)
this one works fine and ships
they both worked fine!

Thank you very much! I have just ordered the first one.
Thank you again :slight_smile: