Does the Reach M+ work with PixRacer with PX4 firmware?

I am in the middle of considering RTK solutions for a UAV where I will need cm level accuracy. So far the combination of Reach RS+ (Base Station) and Reach M+ (Rover) looks the most attractive to me.

What I’m worried about is the software support of the Reach M+ on Pixhawk hardware

  1. From a brief search in the Emlid documentation the closest thing I have found is that while Reach M+ can be connected to an old Pixhawk 1.0 via the “Serial 4 / 5” port (see here), there is no mention of newer Pixhawk hardware, e.g. Pixhawk 4, Pixracer etc… So do I just plug the Reach M+ to any available serial port on any version of Pixhawk?

  2. So far, it seems as though the Reach M+ is only supported on the Ardupilot flight stack rather than the PX4 flight stack?

Was wondering if someone could give me a more concrete answer of what Pixhawk autopilot (hardware and software stack) I need to make it work with the Reach M+?

Hi @Christopher_Choi,

What’s the PixHawk version you use? For example, you can connect Reach M+ to PixHawk 4 this way:

If you’re going to use PixHawk with ArduPilot, it works just fine with Reach M+.

As far as I know, PX4 supports NMEA input, so they should work together. However, we don’t have any guides or tutorials about it.

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