Does the "one best" option average all fixed ponts?

Hello, I was just wondering how was the “one best” solution calculated in ES. The option I am referring to is the one available in the settings of the static processing module. Does it averages all the fixed points or does it just select any fixed point at random? How does it work?
Thanks so much in advance!

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The final point in static shows the result of convergence of a filter. It is not an average or a random point. It is the best estimate of the position.


Thanks for your answer! Ok, then how can I asses the precision of the point? Is there a way to get the horizontal and vertical precision? What would be the appropriate method for this?

Hi @edgarfer03,

The calculated .pos file with the point contains sdn, sde, sdu, sdne, sdeu, and sdun values. They stand for standard deviations of the solution. You can find the .pos file by tapping Show result files under the Process button.