Does the new Emlid Flow still work with Emlid Studio?

Hello there!

I have been working on mapping some ground control points in a nearby field and this is my first time using the new Emlid Flow app. Usually I would use Reachview 3 and import all that into Emlid Studio to get stop and go points that I could send to ArcGIS and create a map. Usually this works great but I seem to have run into a problem since I started using Emlid Flow. When I process my points on the stop and go function in Emlid studio I end up getting a single point instead of the many points I should be getting. It is worth noting that I am running an older version of Emlid Studio, the app says “Emlid Studio 1 Beta 6”. It is difficult to get software updates where I work because of computer permissions. My first assumption is that the new version of the app is no longer compatible with the old version of the studio, but I’m really not sure.

Any help would be appreciated. I can also post my UBX and CSV files if that would help identify the problem.


Hi Alec,

This happens because of reversed points order in CSV from Emlid Flow. We didn’t mean it that way and are already investigating the issue.

In the meantime, to post-process your CSV in Emlid Studio, you just need to reverse the order back manually to make it ascending. If you need some help with it, just share the file with me. I’ll help you out.

This seems to have worked, thank you for the quick response!

Great! I’ll come back once it’s resolved.

Hi Alec,

The issue with points order in CSV should be fixed now. Please check if it works for you and let me know.

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