Does the Emlid Reach RS+ come with a built in cellular modem?

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First time here! I have a question, regarding the Emlid Reach RS+. Does it come with an integrated cellular modem, or is it depending on a Base station?

I’m attending a school that educate commercial drone operators in Sweden, and we have purchased an Emlid Reach RS+. We wish to use to the Reach RS+ to positioning Ground Control Points, which our drones in the post process shall be able to detect and know the positions for.

We are also establising what to include in this course, and the steps to follow, in order to accuire a correct positioning.

Please, clould anybody also give me a few tips on what to include in the course, in order to make resonably accurate measures. Our goal is to produce a reasonable accurate orthophoto, using Drone Deploy.

Any thoughts?

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/Lars Persson-Tille,

No. The RS2 DOES.


To get accurate GCP, you need an RTK setup and that requires two GNSS receivers: a rover and a base. You could purchase your own base, or you could access a remote NTRIP station. Reach RS+ users who only have a rover will commonly use their smartphone or tablet to provide a Wi-Fi hotspot with Internet access. Reach RS+ can connect to that and get access to the Internet to connect to the NTRIP server and pull in the base corrections.


Hi @tilledyk,

Reach RS+ doesn’t have a built-in cellular modem. However, it is possible to connect Reach to an available Wi-Fi network. This tutorial can guide you on how to do it.

If you need accurate measurements for placing GCPs, you should provide Reach a clear sky view without any obstacles and with corrections from a local base or NTRIP station. You can read more about placement requirements by following this link.

I could recommend our tutorial on how to place GCPs if you need a step by step workflow description.

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