Does Skylark by Swift Navigation (RTK_SSR) work with the RS2?

I’ve just learned about ublox PointPerfect services that seems to be called RTK-SSR. From what I can tell, Swift Navigation sells this as a services accessible via the internet with their “Skylark Precise Positioning Service”. Skylark Precise Positioning Service | Cloud-Based Corrections from Swift

Does anyone have experience with this service? Do any of the Emlid folks know how well this would work with the RS2?

Hi Brett,

Quite a popular question these days :sweat_smile: Still, my answer is pretty much the same. The PointPerfect service sends a different type of correction, RTK-SSR. Reach devices can work with the RTK RTCM3 messages only.

Thanks for the reply. I won’t give them all of my money just yet. The reason I ask is because on page 3 of their data sheet RTCM is mentioned in two places as a service for thirds-parties. Thanks

Does the Emlid RS2 meet the following specifications for a third-parts GNSS receiver?

  1. Skylark supports third-party GNSS receivers compatible with RTCM v3.2 over NTRIP (CRS mountpoint). Such receiver needs to support MSM5 messages and output NMEA GGA message every 10 seconds. Following messages are sent:
    1006 (ANT Pos & Height)
    1008 (ANT Descr & S/N)
    1019 (EPH GPS)
    1020 (EPH GLO)
    1033 (REC & ANT Descr)
    1042 (EPH BDS)
    1046 (EPH GAL I/NAV)
    1075 (MSM5 GPS)
    1095 (MSM5 GAL)
    1125 (MSM5 BDS)

Hi Brett,

Sure, RS2 works with MSM5 messages (1075, 1095, 1125) as well as specific antenna messages (1006, 1008, 1033). So it’s well-suited for working with your NTRIP service.

To send the GGA position to the caster, enable the Send receiver’s position to the provider option while setting up the correction input. Simply turn on the toggle and you’re set.

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