Does RTK help when part of horizon is covered?

I have an upcoming job, where I have, seen from the point of 1 of the markers, a 13 meter high building 2 m away to the north, and 23 meter high trees 10 meters away to the east. So my view from the rover is basically blocked 90 deg north and 90 deg east.
The basestation will be placed on a roof, we clear line of sight to the entire horizon, and under 100 meters away.
How will my precision be, in Your experience?
I am aware that a marker like this should probably be placed with a Total-station instead, but for cost-reasons, that isn’t an option.

Depends on your satellite constellation at the time, you might get lucky.
Be aware of multipath and resurvey points to rule out bad fix.
I got good fix with 50% of the sky blocked in vertical line, so its possible.

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Sounds promising !
I have tried some of the GNSS simulators, and it wasn’t too positive…

Would be PPS also be a better option in this instance, with partly covered horizon?

Good question. Post processing usually get better results, but them guys at @emlid keep pushing tweeks that goes beyond processing. Like the glonass AR NTRIP with brands other then Reach. You can`t find that in any RTKlib as i know of yet.

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