Does it make sense to use GLONASS spare satellites?

Some of the GLONASS backup satellites (for example R26) are used in reach view 2.22.4 using the Reach module. One may doubt whether this is correct. Even if they send correct signals, which are not guaranteed by the system command, they are not in the almanac (ephemeris identify as R26), which delays the algorithm’s calculation process in real-time measurements.

This situation, apart from extending the computation process in real-time, can also result in erroneous results. Is it better not to do such experiments at all, i.e. exclude these satellites from the application? (1.4 MB)

I delete the R26 and R27 satellites at the moment I make the rinex in Rtkconvert.

This is a misunderstanding because you did it aftermath, not in the Reach View app before RTK or RTN surveying.

If you do it from the UBX (to rinex), then you should be fine, as that is indeed before RTN/RTK…

This is still a posteriori - apps works on binary data. You don’t have access to the Reach View algorithm.

Glonass R26 satellite is L3 band, I eliminate it at the moment of making the rinex. If you don’t want to see it in rechview you have to ask emlid to exclude it in the algorithm

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that these satellites are not used for processing.

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