Does installing Navio2 the wrong way fry the board?


It seems I am unable to use the emlidtool to start arducopter, and it’s because I’ve possibly fried the Navio.
I have a Navio2 device for a RPi3 and to connect them I use a longer extension cable, in the event of being unmindful I may have installed the Navio device wrong way around. Is this a mistake that would fry the device? There is a LED on the Navio which I would expect to light up, but it does not. I’m certain that this is not a software related problem, the Navio device is simply not detected by anything, hence the error in emlidtool “Seems like you booted without Navio properly screwed!”

The steps I’ve taken to reproduce this:

  • Install the Emlid OS on the SD card
  • Connect Navio2 unto the RPi3, insert the SD card and power cable
  • Connect to WiFi by keyboard and monitor
  • Disconnect keyboard and monitor
  • SSH into the board from my laptop
  • Upgrading the system
  • Attempt to run
    $ sudo emlidtool ardupilot

Rebooting even multiple times does not fix this error.

If the board is fried I assume there is not much I can do to save it, but any advice is appreciated.

My internal troubleshooter wants me to ask you if you can eliminate the cable for a test just to be double-sure it is not cable-related?


Well then that solves the problem, have the combo now working and connected to ground station, thank you for that! I feel really silly now, I minorly broke the piece with which to connect and therefore opted to use the longer extension cable. A small fix and it works. Clearly the extension cable is unusable in either running the Navio or frying it. I’m still curious whether installing a Navio the wrong way would fry it, not trying it with this perfectly working board!
Extension cable in question is the Adafruit Pi Cobbler cable.

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