Does Firmware 28 Affect RS+ Performance

Yesterday I Upgraded Firmware to version 28… yesterday I tried it always failed to fix (maybe because the weather was cloudy)…
today we tried again but it’s still hard to fix (not very sunny but the weather is a bit better than yesterday)…
Is there a need to change the settings so that it can be maximized on RS+? …

Hi @echoxs,

As Reach RS+ is single-band, it requires a clear sky view without any obstacles to operate correctly. However, the weather doesn’t affect satellite signals reception. What makes sense are obstacles such as buildings or dense foliage.

So please make sure that you provided Reach RS+ with good satellite visibility. As for the settings, you can just use default ones from the Base and Rover setup guide. They should be enough in most cases.

If you still can’t get a fix after that, please clarify:

  • how do you transmit the corrections
  • what is the baseline
  • how do you set the base
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For the base, I corrected the metrics to the nearest Cors station (±3km), and the status was fixed, which I input manually at the base.
The distance between Base and Rover is quite close (±2m), it’s just very difficult to fix…

yesterday I saw that there was info on the 28.1 update… I tried to update, and finally everything is safe… the tool works as usual…

Hi @echoxs,

Thanks for the update. I’m glad that it works well now.

However, the only difference between the 28 and 28.1 firmware versions is improved Bluetooth connection stability. That’s why updating to 28.1 can hardly affect the process of calculating a Fix.

At the same time, staying up-to-date is always a good choice: it gives you access to the latest features and improvements.

Generally, the environment is the first thing to pay attention to when you have issues with a Fix solution in RTK. They may occur if satellite visibility for one of the units is blocked, base coordinates are set with a typo, or something affects corrections transmission. So if you face such an issue again, I’d recommend checking these parameters first.

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