Does anyone use structure studios?

I’m a pool builder so we use structure studios software to design our projects and create plans. We have an emlid rx and have been able to successfully take measurements of properties but we are having a hard time making that data usable in structure studios.

Structure is a 3d program so we hoped to do the following things.

  1. Take accurate topography of a site on our first site visit
  2. Import that topo data into our design software. (Structure will import shape files but has no his functionality so we initially thought we’d use qgis to plot gis points and then make a topo map that we could bring into structure)
  3. When a project starts we’d like to be able to do our stakeout/layout with the rx.

Unless someone knows a better process I think it will take several different software tools to make this all happen.

Does anyone else do something similar?

Thanks in advance.

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Seems like you need to be able to create a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) in the field, then import that 3D mesh into your software. You will need to see exactly which formats the software will import and probably get help from the developer on that. Seems pretty common in that industry to have to work with DTMs.

But yes, there would be many ways to skin a cat here, but the easiest way of course.

I know many have asked for DTM features in Eml8d Flow, but its SLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW going with these things. There are other full featured software that are ready to go. I.e. Microsurvey FieldGenius for Windows (solid) and Android which is STILL work on progress. Yes more software to learn. They have a free 30 point limit demo u can try also.

But ultimately, seems you should be able to at least SIMPLY collect the 3D points using even the free portion of Emlid Flow, then export them to be processed as a DTM mesh, then import the 3D mesh into your software. (FBX, Sketchup, OBJ, Shape files, DXF?) Seems you could even use free Blender to do this also or MANY other 3D software packages or converters… or even online converters?

Again, the software developer should have a solution for your collected 3d points.

Seems a better method would be to drone capture or handheld LiDAR (or photogrammetry) capture of the environment would be the quickest best solution. You could use Robotic Total Stations (Leica, Trimble) also to digitally scan the area. $$$$$$ Depending on the amount of detail, accuracy etc needed, can even extract/slice the 3D terrain data from GoogleEarth for a piece of property (YouTube it!) It won’t be as accurate, but depends on what you need of course.

Search Indiana Drones (Harrison Knoll) on youtube for more on these things as a start. @harrison1 @harrison

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Also. You’ll need to be able to stake out out points, lines and curves… Flow is pretty basic… you may want to look at FieldGenius for collecting data, exporting to design software, then import back into FieldGenius (or whatever you settle on) and stake the points, lines, curves AND DTM if need be. It does it ALL (GNSS and Robotic Total Station)(Windows version).

There are also other chinese Android Apps (SurPad, SurvX, XPAD, SurveyMaster, Nuwa, etc)… but you’ll find are more GNSS. You’ll have to use NMEA output as no Emlid specific drivers which is fine anyways is all you need is NMEA output.

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Thank you for taking the time to offer some suggestions! I’ll take a look at these things and report back.

I really appreciate the insights!

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Hi Jeffrey,

Welcome to the forum!

As Tim mentioned in your case, it looks like the most convenient is to collect points with Emlid Flow, export DXF file, and use 3rd party software to create DTM surface.

Do you want to be able to stake out lines and points or surfaces as well?