Does a FIX over an unknown point become a known point?

Hello all,

This may be a silly question but just a thought that came to mind and I’m sure you can put me straight, if you achieve a FIXED solution over an unknown point does that point then become a known point?

Thanks in advance.

No, not unless you have your Base set up on a known point or are using a NTRIP solution by a provider. Not sure what your setup consists of, if it is a single receiver with corrections over NTRIP or a Base/Rover setup which would have to have the Base set up on a known point.
You still will have relative (local) accuracy to your Base with the Rover, if you have a fixed solution with Base set up on a unknown point. Depending on your location, your Base can provide a know point by doing a 2-4hr or more static session and then running it through OPUS/CSRS-PPP services or some other PPP online services

Please refer to Emlid’s helpful info in the below link for more information.


Hi James,

It’s a good question! @mark1st.john has already explained how it works, so I just wanted to sum everything up.

The Fix solution shows that the coordinates are accurate in relation to the base. But if the base is not tied to a local datum, the rover’s coordinates will have a shift to it too. To tie your data to a local coordinate system, you can connect the rover to an NTRIP service or enter your accurate base’s coordinates in the Manual mode.