Do you guys know how to set up the coding page on Rapberry Pi OS?

We are going to be working on programming. And we do not know how to get to those four panels on the screen. Can you guys give me some steps to get it?

Do you mean you want to use tmux, to manage ssh sessions? Here is the docs page where it is explained:

We are trying to follow the instructions on this article, and we are stuck. We can not open Etcher! Can you explain tmux and ssh sessions to me? For what purpose do we need to use RPI? Also can you explain to me how Navio 2 and RPI’s connection works?
And thank you so much for reply.

Andrew, I am always willing to help, but you should do some research by yourself. All your questions have been answered here and all over the internet before. There are instructional videos on youtube about building multicopters or every other type of rc vehicle and the parts needed to build them.
To your questions:

I run Etcher on Windows 10, never tried it on Linux like in the docs. There are other options to write an image to a sdcard for Linux and Windows. On Linux you can use the command dd and on Windows there are programms like winimager and others you could try.

SSH stands for “secure shell”. It is a way to remotely connect to a (linux) computer and work in a text console.
You can open many ssh connections at once to one computer and every connection is handled independently (connected to a seperate terminal), so if you login in one ssh session and write something, it does not appear in other ssh sessions. Tmux is a tool to organize work through a ssh connection. Here is the wikipedia page:

The RPi is doing all the work. Arducopter/plane/rover etc. is running on it as a executable and the Navio is “only” providing the sensors and connections to make it work as a flightcontroller.
Those questions regarding the RPi and Navio seem a bit strange to me, because if you are trying to follow the instructions in the docs, you should already have a Raspberry Pi and a Navio connected together.


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