Do we need all those wires on the M2?

I’ve mounted my M2 away from all the noise and emf of my boat lol. But now I need to run a cable from the S2 port for the RFD 900 radio (and Lora when it arrives) and a cable for the S1 port for the Cube autopilot to monitor. That’s 13 conductors. Can I run just tx, rx and ground for the radio and the same for the Cube? I’ve already have a high quality power supply to the C1 port supplying 5v and ground. Does the Lora radio require the GPIO pins?

Nobody would want their M2 near this rats nest lol!

Hi Shaun,

You can hardly escape using the 5V pin for the radios, either for the RFD900 radio or the LoRa module. The good thing is that when you supply the power to Reach via one of its ports, the receiver passes this power to the rest of the ports. That means you can connect radios to the ports of M2 without using the additional source of power. Here are the schemes showing how to connect RFD900 radio or LoRa module to M2.

Regarding the Cube, since I suppose you’re providing the power to the autopilot via an external source, the 5V isn’t needed in connection with Reach.

GPIO pins for the LoRa must be connected or else the M2 will not recognize it. Using your RFD900 they are not needed.

I have never connected my RFD900 directly to S2. I normally connect it to S1. The only time I connected it to S2, I put a T in the TX line so S2 would feed both the LoRa and the RFD900. That way my Emlid receivers got there corrections via LoRa and 3rd party systems via the RFD900.


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