Do RS2/M2 have multipath hardware mitigation?

Other GPS vendors often note this feature on their promo materials. I have not seen any mention of multipath on the Emlid site. Does the RS2/M2 have any features to lessen multipath interference?

Hi Juan,

Both Reach RS2 and Reach M2 can suppress some interference on hardware and software levels, however, the efficiency depends on the environment. As well as other RTK GNSS receivers, Reach devices work the best way en environment with a clear view of the sky and without objects that can cause interference even if they are able to handle some of them.


Looking you are talking bout multipath, I like to show you one image.

How you interpret this situation? is it bad? What is the good range in Db to say that multiphat is not interfiring with the survey?


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Could you please share the obs file with me? It’d be great to generally check the observational data quality during your survey.

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I’ve received your file, thank you! I’ll check it and get back to you.

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Hi Davide,

Thanks for your patience!

The single-band Reach receivers don’t pass information about the multipath, so it’s not displayed in RTKPLOT. You can still check the data quality of the survey by looking at the SNR graphics. The good SNR value for the satellites is more than 40. You need to have more than 4 satellites without cycle slips. More details on the data assessment can be found in our guide.

Regarding your log, the data is fine. The majority of the satellites have SNR above 40. There are five of them that even keep the SNR value of 45 during the whole survey (G01, G13, G22, R21, 123). The cycle slips mainly appear on the signals of the satellites that are close to the horizon.


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