Do I get CORS corrections via NTRIP?

I’m new to NTRIP services. We’ve previously been post-correcting our base coordinates with CORS data via RTKLIB. I should be able to get real-time CORS corrections with the EMlid NTRIP service, correct?

Any help would be appreciated!

Remember that the Service Emlid provides is a caster, not an NTRIP.

I think you are mixing up terminology.

CORS stands for Continuous Operating Reference System or Station depending on who you talk to.

If you have access to a CORS network, you connect to it as a client using NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) software. Your CORS network should supply you with a server address (can be a http:\whatever or just an IP address like, they will also specify the port (commonly 2101) a mount point or a stream (for instance OH CORS has about 6 different examples are RTCM2/RTCM3/CMR_PLUS/CMR_X) The mount point or stream can be brand specific like the CMR is for Trimble. RTCM is color blind as it is the “industry standard”. Note Ohio has RTCM2 and 3. To work with my RS2/M2 I have to use 3, 2 doesn’t work. They also assign a username and password to login.

Emlid NTRIP service is actually what is called a Caster. Casters send data, Clients receive. The caster is fed by a base station that is outputting RTK corrections.

Hope that clears some things up.


Think of cors as a bunch of cell phone towers and NTRIP is the software on your phone to connect to them.

Yes and no. A lot of people think the CORS network is on the Cell towers. The only thing cell towers have to do with it is you are using cell data to login to the network caster. Yes, without data, be it cell or your home wifi, NTRIP doesn’t work. In Ohio each county garage has a base station that feeds the server, this is common with most state ran CORS networks.

There is a huge difference in different CORS networks. Some are nearest tower, which could be 20-30 miles away while others are VRS/VBS enabled. VRS/VBS (Virtual Reference Station or Virtual Base Station) is much more accurate as it places a virtual reference point in the field with you. Nearest tower normally gives you more error due to baseline distance.

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Correct this was more of an analogy.

I understand that. Just wanted kvand to understand that. As he said, he is new to it.

A lot of people refer to using CORS or NTRIP as cellular RTK then think what I stated above.


Thanks all for the input/ clarifications!

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