DNS issues, Reach RS2

On my home network i’m unable to ping any DNS site from my RS2 (works fine from other computers on the same network). I use OpenDNS on the router and block all other DNS at the firewall level. It appears the RS2 has a hard coded DNS server but i’m unable to change it. It appears that root access is restricted? Any way to manually change networking settings from SSH?


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Hi Nate,

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I’m afraid it is not possible to achieve at the moment. In the meantime, the only solution to this might be to disable the blocking on the firewall level to make the RS2 usable with your network.

Could you please elaborate more on why do you require such functionality? Is it possible to create a guest network on your router to make a gateway for the RS2?

I lock down the DNS so i can filter out inappropriate content for the kids in the house. all the other devices in the House get the DNS server settings from DHCP.

It’s fine for now. I can connect the device via hotspot when i need internet connection. which is what i use in the field anyways. Just makes updates more difficult. But i was able to work around that using a USB cable. in general, it would be nice if there were more controls for network settings in the UI.


Hi Nate,

Thank you. Your request will be noted.

Having the same issue in an enterprise network environment where DNS is blocked due to (eligible) security concerns…

Because of this reason I cannot do any updates (from the enterprise network) nor set a NTRIP provider…

Being able to configure (all) the network parameters via the interface would be a quite useful feature.

Hi @q-wertz,

Sorry for the delay! We’ll consider how we can implement this in the future.

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This is a definitely “please add” feature… For any network-connected device it’s important to be able to manually specify basic TCP/IP settings including IP address, subnet, subnet mask, router, and DNS server.

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Hi Manscuto,

Thanks for your request! We’ve noted it. However, I can hardly provide you with any ETAs at the moment.

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