DJI's M300 + RS2 + M2 + Sony A7R4 camera


I want to know if Emlid’s RS2/M2/hot-shoe mapping combo/solution will work/been tested on the M300 airframe with a Sony A7R4 camera, ie if this hardware combo has been tested for PPK workflow, as I already have the Sony camera and the M300.

It seems the Emlid RS2 base station unit is way cheaper than DJI’s D-RTK2 base station, and I assume that Emlid’s RS2 will work with the M300, even if only via NTRIP at least?

If you make the M2 a seperate system all-together, I don’t see why it should not work.

The RS2 will feed the M300, but only over NTRIP as you mention.

Hi @winecape,

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We haven’t tested M300 RTK with the Reach RS2 base. However, we’ve tested Reach RS2 as a base for Phantom 4 Pro RTK. So, if M300 RTK can receive corrections via NTRIP, it should work the same way. Please explore the DJI Phantom RTK and Reach RS2 base integration guide to learn how to configure the base and the drone.

Please note that if you work in RTK with M300 RTK and Reach RS2 base station, you will be able to get a precise map without Reach M2.

You may work in PPK with Reach M2 too. In this case, you will need the hot-shoe adapter to connect the Reach M2 and your Sony A7R4 camera.

In PPK, you don’t need to establish a real-time connection between the units. Just record the raw logs on the Reach RS2 and Reach M2 separately during the survey.

You may take a look at our PPK mapping with Reach guide to learn PPK workflow in detail. The guide will walk you through all steps from configuring the receiver for mapping to the orthophoto creation in Pix4D.

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Ola Kseniia,

Many thanks for your detailed reply. Much appreciated.

PPK/RTK and INS (GNSS + IMU) possible end-to-end camera payload (agnostic) solutions for mostly mapping workflow in hilly, very uneven areas is currently the focused endavour for me, and I am awaiting Gremsy’s announced end-to-end integrated solution for the iXM50/100 + Alpha7 R Sony cameras on the new M300 airframe, as confirmed by Gremsy recently.

However, Emlid’s base station seems to be anyway a needed investment, NTRIP or no NTRIP. :wink:

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