DJI Phantom 4 RTK SDK - RS2


We recently purchased a P4RTK SDK and will be using the RS2 to shoot GCP’s and then as a base station for the P4.

Input corrections to the base will be via NTRIP (alldayrtk)

My question is what are my settings for RS2 output corrections to the P4 RTK, is it the same as input?

Hi @paul.m! Welcome to Emlid Community!

This article about this integration in Emlid Docs will help you.

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Hi Pedro.

Yes I have watched this but I have the P4RTK SDK so there is no built in monitor or sim on remote control.

I want to use NTRIP input corrections to RS2 as a base, how do I ensure that he P4 is receiving RTK corrections from RTK?

The DJI Go app will show a “FIX” or “FLOAT” solution.

If you use Emlid Caster, it will show if your base is sending corrections correctly to the server. It will also show if there is a rover connected to this base.

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