DJI Phantom 4 RTK SDK - RS2 Base Station

Hi All,

I just completed a mission with DJI P4RTK SDK / GSPRO / Emlid RS2 as base station.

Confirmed RTK Fix, when I checked images there is not data files like RINEX PPKRAW etc., I use to get these with P4RTK and DJI 2 base station.

Any ideas?

That probably a question better answered by DJI support, unless someone has concrete experience.

I have attempted that with not much luck


Hope someone from DJI users here has a clue!

Personally, I haven’t faced that. But I also didn’t work with DJI P4P RTK a lot. I don’t think it’s somehow related to the fact you used Reach RS2 as a base. It looks more like a settings question.

Did you start static collection in the reach app? and specify the output file type.

Hi Joe,

Just to clarify: is it a question for me or advice for Paul?

A little late responding. But when using the P4 RTK and using SDK remote, you must fly with DJI Pilot (Android only). That is the ONLY option for you to get the Log files so that you can do PPK processing. If using iOs Ground Station Pro, the images will be written with RTK metadata but there is no Log files saved. Also, other programs on Android (ie UGCS, DroneLink are two that I tested) do not write the Log file. It is DJI Pilot or nothing.

I hope that helps.

I meant to also add, you can setup the RS2 as your base in DJI Pilot using the Emlid caster. It works very nice. If you use the Emlid caster for one flight and another day you use, maybe a State RTK network, you unfortunately have to re-enter the user data. But you can make your username and password the same for both so that you only change the server. I can’t see why anyone would purchase the DJI base station! You can use the RS2 for a base and have it for all of your other survey stuff.

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