DJI Phantom 4 RTK SDK - RS2 Base Station

Hi All,

I just completed a mission with DJI P4RTK SDK / GSPRO / Emlid RS2 as base station.

Confirmed RTK Fix, when I checked images there is not data files like RINEX PPKRAW etc., I use to get these with P4RTK and DJI 2 base station.

Any ideas?

That probably a question better answered by DJI support, unless someone has concrete experience.

I have attempted that with not much luck


Hope someone from DJI users here has a clue!

Personally, I haven’t faced that. But I also didn’t work with DJI P4P RTK a lot. I don’t think it’s somehow related to the fact you used Reach RS2 as a base. It looks more like a settings question.

Did you start static collection in the reach app? and specify the output file type.