DJI Phantom 4 PRO RTK SDK version and RS2

Hello all,

I am planning to acquire a DJI phantom RTK for mapping seagrasses. It is compact and relatively inexpensive so I feel OK flying over the water compared to my other drones in the 40 to 180K range.

As you know, DJI came up with an SDK version of the remote and this is the one I am willing to buy because a lot of issues with the built in display.

My question is: based on the youtube video “mapping with reach RS2 and DJI phantom RTK”. Will everything stated in the video work with the SDK remote and using an Ipad?

Am I limited to the use of the GSRTK to use the Emlid Caster and fly RTK? GSRTK came as a standard with the built in display of the original remote control of the P4P RTK.

Would GSpro work as well? Not sure.

What is the best app to use?

Thank you all,

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The Phantom 4 RTK SDK RC opens the system a little bit but people are still having trouble getting it to consistently work with 3rd party flight apps. The base program should remain the same so you can fly as you have been and connect the RS2 via caster and NTRIP. Go to the Emlid forum and support pages for how this is done.

Hi @hydrocynus,

Can’t really help you with the DJI configurations here. I can only back up Michael’s answer in one thing: if you use the GS RTK with your Reach RS2, you can definitely connect to Reach RS2. This workflow is described in our DJI Phantom RTK and Reach RS2 base integration. We’ll be happy to help with the Reach’s side of things in it!

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