DJI MAVIC PRO with REACH M+ integration

Yes using GCPs accuracy is better in Contextcapture but not sure why RTK fails. Will try in older CC version maybe there are issues in latest updates.

I am talking about an accuracy without GCP.

The following process should be performed in ContextCapture software:

  1. Add photos

  2. Import positions from file coordinates.txt

3.Click “Get camera model from data base”, choose edit and impute precalibrated focal length 8.82576

4.Go to survey folder and click “Edit control points”, in menu File choose “Import wizard” options and import checkpoints locations from GCP.txt

  1. Run aerotriangulation with the following options:
    Choose “Accurate metadata”

    Keep focal length

  2. After finishing aerialtriangulation go to Survey folder, click “Edit control points” and define checkpoints location at photos. You will achieve the following result:

Sample dataset is available from the following link:

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