DJI Mavic 2 Pro integration with M2 for PPK Surveys finally with battery

Finally the guys at Metta Technologies put a small battery into the ppk kit they designed. The kit only weighs 85 grams (with battery!) and, in the flights I have done, I have not had any problems with performance, although visually the complete kit looks a bit big. The drone flies very well. I have tested it at sea level and at 3300 meters above sea level.

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How long is the battery life connected to the M2?
Do you have any video of the drone in flight mode with the built-in system?

There is a short video in the link they posted. I’m going to guess that it probably takes about 2 minutes off flight time.


I’ve seen they are also using it on P4P and M3 models.

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They are also using it on nj, P4P and M3 models.

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