DJI M300 signal flat


We fly DJI m300 with bad RTK accuracy and i try to get a fix in Emlid studio to correct that issue
Howere i only get signal FLOAT on all images. Please help pinpoint the issue

Base station location :58°11’46.10846"N 26°35’46.83810"E 145.3950m

DJI pos file and photos: ruusa bad rtk fix - Google Drive

Hi @siim,

I’ll check the data and get back to you soon.

Hi @siim,

Sorry it took so long to write back!

I’ve looked into the data and saw some SNR level changes and signal interruptions. But overall, the rover’s log doesn’t look bad:

I’ve tried to process the data in Emlid Studio, but couldn’t obtain a Fix solution. Aside from the data quality, I see 2 factors that could affect the results:

  • The baseline is 44 km, which is rather high
  • The rover’s log is only 3 minutes long. In PPK, a longer log can make a difference since the software has more data to use in the calculations.

Since there were also issues with accuracy in RTK, it looks like the reason lies in the setup. You can try the following:

  • Place the drone in an open area without RF interference
  • Try a base station located closer to your site. Alternatively, you can use a multi-band receiver, such as Reach RS2+, as a local base.
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