DJI M210 RTK using M+ (Rover) and RS+ (Base)?

Most of the information I’ve found pertains to the Phantom 4 and PPK, or were several years old. If this has been covered, please let me know where my search terms failed.

Can I use a M+ as a rover on a DJI M210 to get real time corrections from a RS+ for photo location tagging? I’m using a DJI X4S camera, as well as a SlantRange 3PX. I’m thinking along the lines of setting up a RS+ on the ground as a base receiver, using an iPad with cellular data to connect to Oregon’s state wide RTK network, and passing the corrections to the M+ in real time (using the M+ as the DJI M210’s GNSS receiver). Would that work? What fail safes should be employed (i.e. what happens if the M+ loses connection with the RS+)? Anyone have experience with this, or integrating a M+ with a DJI Matrice (200, 210, 600)?

From what I’ve read connecting the M+ to a DJI flight controller system is not feasible. I could be wrong but they seem to be like the Apple of drones? They don’t play nice with others. I have been trying to figure a system with my Matrice 100 and X5 sensor, without spending another arm & leg. My conclusion is this. I’m buying a Sony A6000, a NaDIR gimbal with servos and the Reach M+ with Tallysman antenna. Use the power plug into my Matrice100 for power sourceing the M+. I also would have the gimbal servos plugged into the flight controller GPS for correcting axis issues.

Basically the M+,camera,gimbal would be it’s own independent system. Is it the ideal way…no…but it will correctly geotag the images, which is all I want. This was the solution I made after the fact I bought the drone. When I successfully get this done I can share. Not sure you could figure something like that with the 210? Maybe a small battery pack for the power source, but not sure how the servos could be adopted into the system for axis corrections…

I thought those drones had a “developmental” flight controller to code/tune yourself. I would think you should be able to pin out a shutter signal.

What flight controller are you running?

I think it’s the N1. Would I need to buy the tallymans antenna if incorporating with the N1 controller? I’m not that savy with programming and I don’t use the DJI Assistant at all. Would it be a plug into the flight controller and then open up a designated port? I bought this over a year ago from Precisionhawk


Unfortunately, there’s no way to connect Reach to DJI’s autopilot for RTK.

I’d recommend taking a look at this article:

It describes how to integrate M+ for PPK on a drone.

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In this post you can find useful info

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