DJI Local NTRIP Caster issue

Hello everyone! I bought the reach m2 recently to use it as a base for a phantom 4 pro rtk. I decided to test the local ntrip through the emlid m2 hotspot and it didn’t work. I only had success creating a hotspot with my cell phone and connecting the p4 and emlid to it. any tips? thanks!

Have you tried forgetting the network for the Reach hotspot and reauthenticating. If it’s not showing up as an available signal at all go to a field away from signals and boot it up.

Hi Lucas,

What version of DJI Phantom do you have? Is it SDK or non-SDK?

When you say SDK/non-SDK you are talking about the controller right? I don’t think there is any difference in the drone itself. As a matter of fact you can get an SDK controller to replace the built-in screen model.

Yes, I’m about the controller. There is indeed no difference in drones, but the connection is made through the controller. So, that’s why I think it may affect the workflow.

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