Local NTRIP Caster issue with non-SDK DJI RTK drone

Hi Svetlana. I cannot connect from local ntrip casting from RS2 to my Phantom 4 RTK controller which is the the built in screen controller. I can connect using an RS2+ to the local ntrip. Do i need to the different controller with the add on screen?

Hi @noel,

There are indeed some issues with this type of controllers. But at the moment, we can’t even investigate that because we don’t have access to any logs from DJI. We’re always open to adjust our software for integration with some 3rd-party devices if this is what our users need. And we’re going to get in touch with DJI support to solve this, but no results so far.

What we know about this issue is that it appears only with Reach hotspot. If both the Reach and the controller are connected to some Wi-Fi, it should work.

I know users who managed to connect the non-SDK DJI controller and Reach to the mobile hotspot in a remote area with no Internet access, and it worked well. So, you may try this workaround as well.

Another solution, as you mentioned, is getting the different controller. It’s proved to work.

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Does it work when you are in an area with service and use the free Emlid Caster? There was an issue in the past with port ranges that the controller would accept. GS Pro?

Hi Noel

As @svetlana.nikolenko mentioned, if your controller and the RS2 are on the same network, it should work for you. The network could be your phone’s hotspot or the RS2’s network. But both devices must be on the same one.

So the Local NTRIP function also work even Reach use phone hotspot as WiFi?

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Correct, or connected directly to the receiver’s hotspot.

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Yes. The hotspot on your phone or the RS2 will be able to host a network that the RS2 and P4R controller can connect to. It does not have to have a data (internet) connection. The data connection is optional.

This method will work with P4 RTK RC with built-in screen?


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