Hello all
Is it possible to connect DJI’s DRTK-2 as a base with RS2 so not using NTRIP ?
If yes where can I find a guide ?


The D-RTK 2 will not cast. It can only transmit via LoRa or receive corrections via NTRIP. You can buy a Phantom 4 RTK without it and use an RS2 to cast to it and it’s really not that much more.


Hi Nikos,

I’m not that familiar with DJI products so can’t give you an advice here. My quick research didn’t show me any info about how DRTK-2 transmits the data apart from the listed tips in the official specs. But don’t worry, we can trust Michael with this :slight_smile:

I can only add that Reach RS2 integrates with various software pretty easily. You can either use NTRIP or any external radios to get or receive corrections. The thing to note is the data format, though: our receivers work with RTCM3 corrections only. So what you need to know is what your 3rd-party receiver requires to get the connection going.

Hello Polina and Michael
and thanks for the response.
For the moment I use with Greek NTRIP servers but I wanted to ask if was possible and use NTRIP as a backup option.
Also, it would be less the cost :slight_smile:

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