DIY vertical laser plumb

How to make you self a vertical laser plumb.

  1. A laserpointer and drill a hole in the back
  2. Thin cord and fit this to the pointer.
  3. Do a vertical check to verify it do does a straight vertical point.

To calibrate i used smal pieces of tape on one of the laserpointers side. Have fun


Nice! I like the idea that the laser aligns by gravity.

I have some laser diodes for this same job, but was struggling to find a good way to mount and align them up inside the 5/8" thread in my DIY base stations. Plus, do it in a way that they are centered under the antenna and shining down perpendicular to the base of the container.

The above pic is just an example of what I have, I bought mine locally but it looks to be the same. The brightness could be better for use in the sunshine, so I thought about over driving the diode and pulsing short bursts with a 555 timer or similar.

Mine is just an idea. @TB_RTK has the finished product :wink:


Yes, you have a challenging design :wink:
I think placing and center antenna above the srew mount is a good starting place, from there whatever you srew under, like the image above, it will drop in a straigt line (parallel with the srew mount). Only thing left is to level antenna unit, but that could easily be done with a smal bubble.
Are you putting your idea on ice now that you have RS in the house ?

RS is priority #1 for sure. Just needing some time to get out and put it to work!

Very cool setup!
I find it hard to get an accurate height measurement when setup on a tripod.
Also, the height is always changing and it leaves room for human error when post-processing.
Typically, I just use a 2m fixed-height pole with a tripod to hold it level.
Simple, effective, and accurate :slight_smile:

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