Diy rtk phantom 4

I came across article online regarding an addon board for the phantom 4 to integrate rtk into it,

on further searching ive found a couple of different companies doing similar things,
the main ones that caught my eye were on a site called topodrone, and teokit (lite i have a m+)

has anybody on here used either of there products?
what did you think, are they worth the extra money

thanks in advance

They are both PPK solutions, not RTK. This basically means that a little work afterwards is required to perfect the satellite information and then apply those values to the images rather than the RTK values being written directly to the image live as with the Phantom 4 RTK. PPK is actually the more preferred method amongst professionals that require consistent and verifiable data. I use a Teokit but would stay away from it unless you are very comfortable with electronics and taking things apart.

My favorite is the snap kit with a Vanavara AShot board, but the AShot is apparently is no longer sold by itself so this may not be an option. I would sure shoot @VanavaraDigital a PM though in case they can work around it with you. I wish more people considered this option because it really is the most modular and cost effective. You can easily take it off if you don’t need it or are in a situation where the flying is a little dicey. You can still get the stand Tuffwing kit from their website, but aware that it is stated to only work with the M+ model which is L1 only and it uses a light sensor to record the events of the photos which has a 200-300ms delay that needs to be accounted for. This does not occur with the AShot board. The receiver purchase is separate so all together the kit is about $600. I have yet to test the kit with an M2, but will be doing so today now that I have a reason to.

The TopoDrone kit seems very good in the fact that it is pretty easy to install and L1/L2, but is also a bit pricey at $2k for what it does.


I’m using Topodrone ppk kit for p4 for 3 months, and I’m very satisfied with it. It is easy to use. Just turn on your drone check led lamps to ensure that it started to logg the data and fly. It costs a bit more than other ppk kits but it seems to me that is easier to work with and it comes with their software for post-processing (based on rtkLib) which is also easy to use.


I just tested the Tuffwing Kit with an M2 and it works fine. @Brian_Christal Now just waiting for another AShot to come in so I can get rid of the baggage and delay.


the teokit seems more appealing to me, everything is all nip and tooked away, its a little more work but I don’t mind that

The teokit is very well put together. Just be aware that a m2 board does not fit quite as easily as an m+ like they show in the videos and make sure to safety tape everything to keep connections from wiggling loose. There’s a lot of small vibrations in a drone.

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I already have the m+,
when I bought my emlid I got the uav pack,
the reach+, m+
so all I’ll need is the teokit lite plus an antenna

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Sounds like you are looking at the Teokit Lite then? You won’t regret it. I just shy people away if they aren’t good with electronics and documentation. It is fun though. If we could only have it tag the photos…

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