DIY 2 axis poleadapter

I made a similar 2axis for an earlier project but that one looked ugly so i gave it a second try today with some stuff i had laying around in the boat…

This are the things i uses, including some nuts and bolts.
-A broom from my boat
-Rowling from the same boat

1.I drilled a hole in my current pole used as rover
2.Fittet the rowling with bolt to the pole
3.Chopped the end of the broom (which was a mistake as i had to see inside it, i have no idea why when i think about it . I had to fit a bolt in both ends so the inner pipe wouldnt slip off the outer casing) This is a flexible shaft rotating around its own axis and the rowling provides the second axis.
4.Thats it. I fixed it to a C-clamp on a tripod i used for potographing just to show you the gravity doing its job.
Tested it with a vertical laser and it did well. Gravity is awesome.
With a longer pole for the rowling shaft, you could use a bipod to support and have the rover hanging over ther point you need to survey.
I problably need to fit a new holder for the rowling as it has been chopped of and i need better solution for this,

Enjoy. And i hope this give you an idea for your own gear.
Here is link to video

A special thanks to the leftovers, may it rest in peace or used by a small person.


How you fix pole with antenna in case of strong wind, for example? :slight_smile:

I suppose with the denser wood below and the less dense CD case above, the center of gravity would be lower than the center of the dimensional area. This gives one the opportunity to put the pivot point higher than the center of gravity and keep the wind resistance (drag) balanced above and below the pivot.

An interesting idea in theory. What actually happens in gale force winds? Who knows! (until @TB_RTK posts the video!)


Good question. I guess i wouldnt survey it if i didnt have a way of securing the rig and to keep it steady enough for the measure to be accurate.
But a team of two, one mowing the rig around and the second reading and steady up the bubble at the bottom of the pole would be a way for this cheap setup.
@bide :joy:

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