Disconnection between reachview 3 and rs2

Today was my first mission with RS2.
I get good experience, but I met many disconnection between recever and the app reachview 3: the wifi seems to be stable and connected, but sometimes (after fews minutes) the blue symbol of receiver become grey or disappear, the wifi is connected but the only solution is to close the app, and restart it… it is boring on site.

I’ve tested with 2 smartphones, and that happens with both.
Is there any solution to always keep the app connected with the receiver?
I add that I use SIM into the RS2 and also that I use to connect my devices directly into the hotspot of RS2, I use the last firmware version of RS2.


should I use the Dev version or wait a fix? it seems to be a know issue of the app right?

Hi @ziok,

Could you clarify whether you use ReachView 3 on iOS or Android smartphone?

Does the issue repeat without the SIM-card inserted?

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