Direct result and post processing result

I tried connected reach to cors this afternoon, and the results for approximately 20 minutes fix, float of less than one minute, without a single. then I just do post processing, but the results are much different, post processing only produces 50% of fix. I do post-processing with the same configuration when realtime.

Sorry, this is my mistake, this file use 25 elevation mask angle.

This is 15 elevation mask angle such as real time i did

But the coordinate still has little different result.
And the cors range is 60Kms

It is hard to tell by the information provided. Please post the version of RTKLIB that you use for post-processing and post logs. Need more details.

4 decimals place are same, but the fifth more number are different. Is that normal?

This is the solution file
15.log (825.2 KB)

And me, on the roof

I use rtklib 2.4.3

And this is comparison point result between real time and post processing, the distance is 93.5815 M