Direct Power Modul Connection Soldering

Hey there,

I was wondering if I could solder the power module dirctly to the Board via the 4 solder points located underneath the power input in the Navio +.
Since the default connection consists of 6 pins and there are only 4 solder points available, how would I solve that?

Thanks in advance!

Your answer is shown in your second picture. :wink:

There are two wires for 5V and two wires for ground in the 6-pin connector. Only the two middle pins carry the proportional voltage for current and lipo voltage. So four solder points are enough.
Since the power module sometimes is the only power supply for the FC, they might have done it that way for redundancy. The wires are really thin after all.

Why you want do do this?

@Nikos_Petratos These pads do NOT duplicate the connector pins. 3V3 pad is an output and by connecting 5V to it you may damage the board.

@schuermannsebastian main reason for using two wires for power (and GND) is because DF13 can only handle 1A on a pin, but Navio with connected periphery may need more than that.