Digital circular bubble / spirit level for measuring with RS2

Hello community!

I’ve a question that couldn’t be answered by serching through the forum - sorry if I were wrong.

Is there a possibility to use the information of the built-in IMU in RS2 as a circular bubble / spirit level to know, that I’m exactly in the best level to measure or stake up a point?

At the moment I use aditionally to the circular bubble on the pole a dual axis digital angle protractor to be more exactly at measuring (like this one)- but if this information could be shown in the reach view app this would be much more pleasant.

Maybe you have a solution for me - but in any case
thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

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Hi @huiseler,

At the moment, the IMU support is not implemented in the ReachView. This app feature is in our roadmap, but I barely can provide you with any ETAs at the moment.


I like the question, but I still don’t understand why digital “bubbles” are still so desired? So you can see 0.01d? The tilt inclinometers in the Leica receivers are already proving to fail and this is the kind of functionality that adds not only complexity, but cost to hardware… and software for that matter. Gravity and a liquid seem to work just fine.


Thank you @artem.fomenko - I’m looking forward to it, until now I did’nt know, if I’m just to “stupid” :sweat_smile: to find such an option in reach view or if this tool isn’t providet (yet) :+1:t2:

@chascoadmin espacially when I’m measuring points in a steep terrain it would be much easier for me to look to a display (that is mounted lower on the pole) for knowing the niveau of the pole than to the fix installed circular bubble. And because an IMU is already installed, I thought maybe it is already used for such a function.
At university I worked several times with the TSC3 in combination with the R10 from Trimble - maybe there i felt in love with this digital solution…
And the usage of my aftermarked solution (the link from the original post) is much more comfortable to me than to looke always exactly from above to the circular bubble (in all terrain).

But I’m really looking forward that this option probably could be used in future :blush:

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