Digital Airspeed sensor

So I got this sensor and tried using it with the

How do I set this up on the Navio2? I plugged this in the i2c port. Do i need to disable the onboard barometer if i use this ?

No, you don’t.

Make sure it gets detected by running i2cdetect -y 1.

Shows me nothing when I do that.

Ill see if i can change some settings in AIRSPD in Q groundcontrol

There’s no point to it unless it’s detected in i2cdetect. What do you mean nothing?

Could you please, post the output of the command with and without the airspeed sensor attached?

hang on let me run that again Igor

Really confused.

Just unlugged and re connected my digital airspeed sensor and now i get no errors12c

OK so I do not get errors any more however I do see that the airspeed reading reads between 5 an 10 kph even with the aircraft not moving. Is this normal ?

Far from sure if this is the information that you need, but as I have come to understand it. The Navio behaves just like the Pixhawk hardware:

And to be honest, know to little about the code to say if there is some kind of black magic inside ardupilot that figures out which of all the i2c devices that is airspeed sensor. But perhaps people on this forum can answer that:

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