Diffrences between emlid rtklib and "official" rtklib

What’s the difference between the emlid version of rtklib from
and the “official” one from
from the user point of view?

This is the closest thing to an answer that I have found, but in short not much to the average user unless you are someone who really digs into the settings. You might read through the whole thread to get an idea of the output difference people were experiencing.

any opinion on how all might differ from Tim Everett’s Demo5 version?

Ok, starting to sound like Android now… Can someone explain what is the most difficult piece that causes the need for all the flavors? Human preference?

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Hi there,

I’m here with an update. Now, you can process data in the Emlid Studio. It has a user-friendly interface and allows doing Static, Kinematic, Drone data, and Stop & Go processing.

If you have any questions about any of these workflows, feel free to create a new topic!

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