Different results on different computers

Hello y’all,
I’m using Emlid Studio to post process 3 points. This was the result on the computer that I normally use:

Note that bottom line:
06 Jan 1980 … B 1.4-6069.9 km FIX: 25%

I’ve installed Emlid Studio on an old computer, here are the results:

That bottom line is a little bit different now:
28 Feb 2023 (this is the correct surveying date) … B 1.4 km FIX: 100%

I’ve used the exact same files, all the configs are the same… But there’s an issue with my computer. What could it be?
Here are the configuration:

I’m using Emlid Studio 1.4 on both computers.


Actually this is epoch 0 of GPS time. Maybe this can help finding the issue.
For the rest, I’m clueless sorry ^^

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Yes! I’ve noticed that too. But why it’s different from another computer? I’ve just checked the navigation and observation files, they all have the same date (20230223, the date of the surveying).
And I sent the files to a coworker who also uses the Emlid Studio, the results were correct.

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Hi @rsurveyor1,

I agree with Florian – it looks like the start of the log was detected improperly, which caused the difference in the results. Most likely, you’ll get 100% Fix if you enter the correct Logs duration in the settings.

Still, it shouldn’t work this way, so I’d like to look closer into it. Can you share the log and details about your PCs (model, OS version) with me? You can send them via support@emlid.com.

Hi Kseniia, I’ll send you my PC specs.

I’m not quite sure what kind of logs do you need, could you help me out?

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Hi @rsurveyor1,

Thank you! I’ve received the specs.

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough – I meant the data you used for post-processing. I don’t remember any similar cases, so I believe we’ll need to check the particular dataset to understand what’s wrong. You can share the logs with me in PM too.

Also, if you tried to process other datasets on this PC, were they processed correctly?

Hi Kseniia, I haven’t tried this. Will give it a try.
I will send the data on a private message.


Thank you! I’ll check the data and get back to you.

Hi @rsurveyor1,

I’ve got a 100% Fix with your data on 2 of our office PC. So I’ve passed all the details and data to our devs to see if we can find what happens on your PC. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @rsurveyor1,

I’ve looked into your case with our devs, but we couldn’t reproduce this behavior on our computers. So to localize the issue, we’ll need some additional information from you. If you can repeat the result on this PC, please send us the logs from C:\Users<USER_NAME>\AppData\Local\Emlid\Emlid Studio\logs<CURRENT_DATE> after that.


You’re running Emlid Studio 1.4 in both cases and the rover seems unusually high. But the thing that first caught my eye was the location of the Base in your 2 screenshots. Slide 1 of 5 may possibly have entered the wrong position for the base.

The second thing that’s curious is the static Rover file ran for about 30 minutes on the 28th of February 2023 from 14:21 to 14:51 collecting 1-second obs, but the Base file looks like it at least began about 12:58 at an unknown epoch interval. From what Kseniia wrote, I’m guessing the base ran at least until 14:50.

Have you tried installing Emlid Studio 1.5 and still get wild differences between the different computers?