Different results between ES1.8 (34% Fix) and redToolbox (100% Fix)

In a recent drone mapping mission using the RS3 as a local RTK NTRIP source, the first mission only achieves a 34% Fix/66% Float solution when processed with Emlid Studio. The same data processed via RedToolbox reports an almost 100% fix on all the photo marks.

What would cause ES to give a lower result than RedToolbox for that set of results? Adjusting the processing parameters in ES doesn’t make much difference to the results. There are no processing options to be changed in redToolbox other than setting the ARP/Antenna height).

I’d like to be able to use ES in place of RedToolbox as it’s a major headache to wrangle image files from a Mac OS system across to a Windows 11 Arm Virtual Machine and back again, and RedToolbox can be fiddly to get to work inside the Virtual Machine too!



Hi @ElectroNick,

Emlid Studio and RedToolbox are different software. The difference is likely due to this fact. I haven’t tried RedToolBox, but here are my thoughts:

These software have different processing algorithms, interpolation techniques, and filtering techniques. Depending on the data quality, you can tune other parameters in Emlid Studio. As you mentioned, RedToolBox has no processing options to be changed except for Antenna Height.

The lower results in Emlid Studio are highly dependent on the data quality. It would be great if you could share the raw data logs so I can check too. Thank you!

Hi Ruth,

I’ll send the data through for you - it’ll probably be next week before I can manage that now though.

Have a great weekend.


No worries at all, Nick! Monday is a National Holiday here, so I won’t be able to check it on Monday, if ever. Have a great weekend, too!