Different mode, different result

I post processed my rover with different positioning mode, and got different result. This is the picture

And this is the base and rover file

And one more the, which one is the true result??

This is the file https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NFPYGvPmMvZWRqd0hUc2pTdTA/view?usp=sharing

It’s strange… Is it a bug??

I got the same on both. Even the same result when changing kinematic and static

More alternatives using RTKPOST v2.4.3 Emlid b27 :slight_smile:
Positioning mode kinematic using rover.obs, base.obs and base.nav

Positioning mode kinematic using rover.obs, base.obs and rover.nav

Positioning mode static using rover.obs, base.obs and rover.nav

Oh, forgot. i run 2.4.3 b26

I think your config.is messed up or bad/wrong configuration. Delete it and try again
Used emlid b27 and got 4 of the same. Got possibly get better fix with some tweeking
Kirim to the left and Kirim1 to the right. Bottom pictures in kinematic and top pictures in static.

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I use these settings, don’t know what is wrong ? Any suggestions ?

Load this config and adjust to this image
R1.zip (14.2 KB)

Thank you @TB_RTK and @alujoe, I will try rtklib from emlid. Where to download it?


Thank you @TB_RTK, I will try it.