Different elevation mask angle have different coordinate solution

Hi, I have to post processing a file with 2 different mask angle. I got different result? How to choose right elevation mask angle when we post processed a two file? Any body can help me, please.
Fix but different coordinate with mask angle 15 and 35…

And this one is fix condition
BOX WIDTH =50 CM, GREEN elev mask 25 BLUE elev mask 35.

Hi @igorvereninov and @egor.fedorov, would you help me to solve my problem, please. I really need to know whether the best configuration is? And i would like to know why i have 2 different coordinate with same files for post processing?
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Hey, Whats ur methodology? If ur using just standalone positioning an uncertainty in position of that magnitude ~1m is to be expected. If you had a clear veiw of the sky a mask angle of 35 will be better as it improves the geometry of the solution. Look up PDOP values for more information.

Single method for observation rover and base. Then rinex from base and rover for post processing data with base known coordinate.

Baseline length?

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Less then 10km…

Ok yes we have an issue. Multipath maybe?..Whats ur groundplane like? Hows your antenna placement? Are you in a field? Buildings nearby? I assume you have tripled checked ur base coordinates in both adjustments.

Sorry, what is this mean?
Still there a difference coordinate in same point. I observed about 20 minutes in static. Then i Post processing with 15 and 20 degrees mask angle, there 5mm difference between that configuration. I think multipath is not, because i was in field.

Hmm ok. So a mask angle of 15 and mask angle of 20 produce a point within 5mms but a mask angle of 35 produces a point 1m away.

In an open field i would use a mask angle of 35 for better geometry as mentioned previous but in tour case im not convinced. Is there away to look at which satellites are being removed from the 20 and 15 degree mask angle and not the 35. Then have a look at there SNR value of these satellites? Just ideas to isolate the issue or source of error.

In Post processing, i don’t think so. But maybe there some body know about this issue. I think the reach master @igorvereninov and @egor.fedorov should know about this, there a difference value for each of elevation mask angle configuration. So, how to choose the best one?